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Geert and Christmas in Montreal

December 12, 2012

Geert enjoying some hot chocolate

Geert and I are back for a little seasonal post while my brother is off on business in London. As Geert did not want to spend a week alone in my brother’s car while my brother was away, he decided to come and hang out with yours truly, his other chauffeur and I decided to take him out for a hot chocolate and then down to McGill College Avenue, the best place to take in outdoor Christmas decorations in Montreal.


Christmas lights and Christmas tree on McGill College Avenue with Place Ville Marie in the background

As you can see, the weather was not overly Christmassy, at least not for Montreal. I wish it had been snowing or that there had been snow on the ground, but nope, it was rainy and misty. It did make for a nice photo of one of Montreal’s landmark buildings though, Place Ville Marie. The beacon on the roof is always fun to watch (or to me it always has been, I was always impressed by how far away it could be seen), but it is most visible in mist since it reflects off the water droplets and low clouds.


Christmas decorations above the main entrance of the Laurentian Bank and BNP Paribas building. This distinctive work of art, which is always very popular with tourists, is called ‘The Illuminated Crowd’ and was created by Raymond Mason.

As the weather was not very nice, Geert didn’t want to spend too much time out in the rain getting his photo taken, but here he is taking in the view around him while sharing the bench my favorite work of public art in Montreal occupies. This work of art is called ‘Le banc du secret’ (The Secret Bench) and was created by Léa Vivot.


Geert taking in the Christmas decorations on McGill College Avenue.

Here is another photo of the same sculpture after Geert hopped back into our shopping bag:


Le banc du secret by Léa Vivot

There you have it! I’ll see if I can make it down to the Christmas Market in Old Montreal this Saturday and bring Geert along before he heads back to my brother on Sunday. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of McGill College Avenue!

Happy Holidays from Geert and I and we hope to be back with more soon 🙂


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