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Geert goes for ice cream!

July 15, 2012

Geert excited to be at Flanigan’s! 

So, here it finally is: Geert’s visit to Flanigan’s! We have been back from South Carolina since very late Wednesday night (our flight landed at 11:15 P.M. and I didn’t get to my apartment until over an hour later), but things have been a little crazy since then so I hope you’ll forgive me for not getting this up until now!

So, as you can see, Flanigan’s is a very quaint little place and one of only two ice cream parlors in the town of Aiken! Actually, until last year it was the ONLY ice cream parlor in Aiken! It is a wonderful place to visit and I have never gone in there and seen it empty. They have a fairly large selection of flavors (at least 20 regular and a few soft as well). My two favorites are Midnight Chocolate (dark chocolate with dark chocolate fudge) and raspberry truffle (vanilla with raspberry and bits of chocolate truffle). I made two visits to Flanigan’s during my week there and I had both flavors and naturally shared my raspberry truffle with Geert during my second visit 🙂


Geert waiting to be served 

If you are ever in or around Aiken, you can find Flanigan’s at 912 Dougherty road. They will greet you with a smile and be more than happy to serve you and believe me, you will love seeing all the colored ice cream cone pictures that have been created by their customers, young and old! The walls inside the parlor are covered with them :o)

Flanigan’s was the last stop for Geert, my brother and I before our grandparents drove us to the airport so we could begin our journey home.


Geert enjoying the drive to airport 

We left from Columbia with a stop at Washington Dulles. I have never seen an airport with such major differences between its terminals! The regional terminal at Dulles was, in my experience, the least welcoming airport terminal I have visited. I do not consider myself widely traveled by any means, but I have nonetheless visited my fair share of airports, easily over a dozen. They’ve gone from standard to quaint, to beautiful, but the regional terminal at Dulles elicited a bemused expression from both my brother and I as we had been expecting more from an airport that was one of two that served the capital city of the United States! I tell ya, they keep Ottawa’s airport in ship shape here in Canada! Anyhow, we were fortunate to be leaving from the international terminal which was much, much nicer and also had way better food. I had a very yummy crab cake sandwich while Geert shared my brother’s beer and enjoyed the view out the restaurant window.


Geert sampling my brother’s beer at Dulles

Geert had a lovely time in South Carolina and are looking forward to heading back in the future, but there is also much to be said for routine and he is quite happy to once again be back to cruising around Montreal in my brother’s car. He told me so today when we went to sample some ice cream with my brother 🙂 Thanks for travelling with Geert and I again stay tuned for more from us soon. You will more than likely be treated to some chronicles from I, Geert’s Chauffeur until Geert and I’s next adventure 🙂


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