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Geert visits Souris…and heads back home

May 31, 2012


So, that sunshine that was promised to Geert and I by The Weather Network today? We had to go aaaaaaaallllll the way to Souris for it. Yup, no sunshine until we were almost there. I am so glad we got some though, and Souris was lovely, it was well worth the trip and we got some lovely views of St. Peter’s as well, not to mention the great view of Souris we got from the top of the lighthouse! Visiting the lighthouse was quite the treat, because it wasn’t open to visitors yet, but the young lady who will be working there for the summer was there getting it ready for visitors and saw us outside and let us in!

Earlier in the day, Geert and I made our way back to Borden-Carleton under the clouds so I could visit the PEI Emporium store. On our way back, we went for a trip down St-Peter’s road, a red dirt road that crosses the Island from North to South, before veering East towards Souris. It was a lot of fun to drive along, although not for beginner drivers as it was still quite muddy from the rain yesterday and heavier vehicles than my little Ford had already been down the road and cut into the dirt and my wheels would get pulled into the deeper tire tracks. At times it felt like I was driving through a loose layer of spring snow. I did fine with it though, the trick was to drive slow (I did not go over 20 kmh), which made it all that much easier to enjoy the lush surroundings!


Geert and I are now sitting in Pearson Airport waiting for our flight to Montreal to board. I was happily able to purchase my supper (lasagna casserole with garlic bread and a chocolate chip cookie) from Tim Horton’s for 6.08$ and it beat the pants off the lousy 10$ sandwich I had at the Starbucks here on Monday!

I can’t believe we are already heading home, Geert and I’s trip went by so quickly. Thanks for sharing our travels with us and hopefully Geert and I will be able to travel together again soon, with my brother’s approval of course. For now, he is going to be headed back to the back seat of my brother’s BMW…but will forever miss our little Ford, as will I.Image

I won’t hide that I shed a tear or two when we took off from Charlottetown earlier. PEI is a magical place and no matter how many times I go there, I know I will always be reluctant to leave it. Everyone there is incredibly friendly and laid back and everything seems simpler there. If you have never been there for a vacation, you should. It is a priceless experience that you will never regret.


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  1. Geerts permalink

    Hi, glad you finally had some sunshine and had a nice visit to all the places you wanted to see,
    vacations always go by much too fast and don’t seem to come often enough do they! Nice to
    know you got a good “dinner” grandpa often has that lasagna and really likes it. Talk to you soon.

  2. lissa16b permalink

    Hello my Lizard Friend! I’m That PEI Chick, and I am very pleased that you enjoyed your stay on the Island. Hope you come back real soon and maybe I can show you around. I know a real nice place to get some cookies šŸ™‚ have a safe trip home.

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