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Geert visits Charlottetown and the Confederation Bridge

May 30, 2012

Geert and I woke up to a very rainy day today. Well, it was a very rainy this morning at least. Past 11:30 it was very grey, drizzly, blustery and cold. I actually had to use the derrière heater in our little Ford when we got in the car this morning and again when we left Charlottetown. Anyhow, we attended half of the noon mass at St. Dunstan’s Basilica where I then went shutterbug crazy, then we browsed the shops on a little section of Richmond Street called Victoria Row, had some super tasty, prize-winning seafood chowder for lunch (a HUGE bowl of the stuff, way more than I was expecting!) and then shopped some more.




After spending half the day in Charlottetown, Geert and I headed for the town of Borden-Carleton and the Confederation Bridge. Martha (the GPS) proved herself useful this time and guided me right to Gateway Village where I finally found a little something for myself in one of the shops. We then made a bit of trek to a point where we were right up beside the Confederation Bridge…and I mean right up against it! See?


Geert quite enjoyed the view, as did I and I was also very happy to see a little lighthouse in the park, I have always loved lighthouses and am hoping to see a few more tomorrow before leaving!


Being able to get so close to the Confederation Bridge was the highlight of our day, the employee at the information desk said that I would be close enough to the bridge that I could touch it, but I didn’t think he meant literally touch it…


I even got a look under the bridge while Geert was hanging out in a gazebo out of the wind because he did not so much feel like getting blown away into the Northumberland Strait. I was even able to get under the bridge, but didn’t stay there for too long as it was a fairly narrow space and there was a nasty crosswind blowing under there and I didn’t feel like getting blown into the Northumberland Strait either. I know somebody who’s jealous…Don’t worry, plenty more pictures where these ones came from and I’m probably going to go back tomorrow because there’s a shop that I really wanted to go to that was closed today. Also, lucky me, it’s going to be sunny tomorrow!!! There was some gorgeous scenery on the way to the bridge and a little town that I really want to visit too, so I figured why not go back? I want to take more pictures of the countryside and a sunny picture of the bridge would be lovely. I can’t believe Geert and I are already heading back to Montreal tomorrow…At least we don’t need to be at the airport until about 5:00 P.M.  though. We’re checked in already and the airport is itty bitty so there’s really no need for us to be there before that, so we are going to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful countryside as long as we can. I’ll have to see if I can get a picture of a fox too, we didn’t come across any today, they were probably hiding out in their dens. So you’re in for last post on this trip tomorrow night or Friday, it will depend on how easily I find my dinner in Toronto tomorrow. There’s gotta be a Timmy’s in the domestic flight terminal somewhere, right? I don’t feel like paying for another Starbucks Sandwich, Monday’s really wasn’t that great!


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  1. Geerts permalink

    You didn’t get to to have very nice weather but seem to have been able to enjoy your holiday
    anyway, happy to know you had such a good time and will finally have nice weather tomorrow
    You’re right there’s bound to be a Timmy at the airport. Talk to you soon. .

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