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Geert’s First Evening in PEI

May 29, 2012

Geert’s day started out in Montreal by a trip to the airport. He was quite excited about getting on the plane and helped distract me from how not excited I was to get on the plane (ask me how I slept last night and I will tell you no lies)!ImageAfter a brief stop in Toronto, we were back on our way again and after an hour and a half in the air, we were greeted by this lovely sight:

ImageWe then picked up our bag and our car, which Geert gave his seal of approval to and made our way to the hotel to dump our stuff before starting out on our first adventure: a quest for the perfect sunset photo! We were going to head to Rustico beach, but that turned into Cavendish beach, which I ended up finding on my own after the GPS sent us to Green Gables Golf Course instead of the beach. I knew very well that the beach had to be just up the road from Green Gables on the right, because I had seen the ocean over a hill not too long before. I therefore ignored the GPS yelling at me to make a legal u-turn all the way down the road and got to the beach parking lot within five minutes. We made our way to the beach and were thrilled to have it to ourselves (okay, so it was bloody cold, which was probably why there wasn’t a local to be found, but I’m a hardy Montrealer and have seen way worse and Geert has long since acclimatized, so we sucked it up). Image

 It has been a long day and we are now more than ready for bed, but we’ll be back with more tomorrow!



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  1. Patrick permalink

    “Instead of the bitch” ?

    Are you teaching Geert inappropriate language?

    Has this site been reviewed by the MPAA or CBSC for age-appropriate viewing content???

  2. Just a little note folks: my photos are not actually sloppily cropped on the right-hand side. Word Press does that for some reason I am sadly ignorant of. If I can figure out a way to fix it, I will, but I already shrink my photos down as far as they will go before publishing.

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