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Geert goes to Anne’s Land

May 29, 2012

This morning Geert and I hopped in our car (this is a photo from Monday evening, it’s a little Ford Focus with lots of bells and whistles and I, the chauffeur, love it as does Geert) and went on a tour of Anne’s Land.


We drove back out to Prince Edward Island National Park, where we were last night, but by a different route. We took our time and made our first stop at a viewpoint in the park where Geert enjoyed the view of the ocean and coastline.


After a trek down to the beach (I did not put my feet in the water today though, it took me hours to get them warm again after indulging in that pleasure last night), we were back on our way again and we headed to Green Gables. I visited there the last time I was in PEI 13 years ago, but barely remembered it and so very much wanted to visit it again and wanted Geert to experience the Anne of Green Gables phenomenon. Green Gables was lovely, naturally, Parks Canada does an amazing job of maintaining it.


Geert and I loved walking through the grounds, but what was even better were our walks through Lovers’ Lane and the Haunted wood, two 1.1 km trails that begin behind and in front of Green Gables respectively.


There was a beautiful little brook in Lovers’ Lane, lots of wildflowers on both trails and lots of birds singing as well. As for the Haunted Wood, no ghosts were seen, but it is true that it is full of Spruces that creak and groan in the wind and I can easily see how a young Lucy Maud Montgomery could have spend her days in the wood with her cousins telling ghost stories!

After leaving Green Gables, Geert and I made our way to Dalvay-By-The-Sea…without the aid of our friend Martha (yes, she has been named) the GPS. She cannot, it turns out, find many of the towns on the Island. The young lady at the information Center in Cavendish told me that GPS systems tend to ‘crap out’ on the Island. Anyhow, we made it to Dalvay-by-the-Sea just fine.


After a stop at Dalvay-By-The-Sea hotel (which doubled as the White Sands Hotel in Anne of Green Gables The Continuing Story and Road to Avonlea), Geert and I walked the short distance to Dalvay Beach, which was stunning and which we once again had all to ourselves! We have been so spoiled when it has come to our beach experiences so far, we have yet to see another soul on a beach when we have been there which makes my photographer’s heart happy 🙂



After our visit to Dalvay, Geert and I followed the Anne’s Land drive signs back to the hotel without the aid of Martha. Fine, I’ll admit it, it was an accident. My plan was to head to Gateway Village in Borden-Carleton for dinner and some pictures of Confederation Bridge, but I happily found out that our hotel is on the road to Borden-Carleton, which explains all the trucks that are constantly rumbling past. They woke me up a few times last night, I’m not used to hearing traffic living in an apartment on a closed courtyard like I do. Anyhow, when I saw that my hotel was on the right smack dab on the way to Borden-Carleton along with the family restaurant that the receptionist at the hotel had recommended to me last night, I consulted with Geert and we decided to call it a day as Borden-Carleton was 52 kilometers away and since getting here yesterday we have already driven a few hundred kilometers. I was actually surprised when I looked into it before and it’s coming close to 400 kilometers on two lane highways, a chunk of it last night int he dark with maybe four streetlamps between Cavendish beach and here and both yesterday and today I’ve had foxes prance out in front of me. Yesterday it was at night. Anyhow, lets just say that I was happy to call it a day when I drove into the hotel at about 6:00 P.M. as I was getting kind of tired. Looking out for foxes on twisty turny roads is tiring stuff.

On the menu for tomorrow as it is not supposed to be too nice out: Charlottetown. Geert and I will probably park someplace central and walk around. I would hate to have to spend the day parallel parking, that’s the only thing that our lovely little Focus won’t do on its own. It does, however, have a screen that shows me what’s behind me when I back up, adjusts the brightness of its headlights on its own, starts with a button and has leather seats with derrière warmers. I ain’t ever driven anything so fancy…and it’s a Ford! Go figure! My one complaint: it doesn’t like hills. I was stuck behind a tractor hauling a large piece of farm machinery yesterday that was making it up a hill with more ease than me!


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  1. Geerts permalink

    another busy day, the weather doesn’t seems to be causing you problems, we are happy to see that you’re having a nice holiday despite the weather.
    keep the news coming

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